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Cubik Network

The new way forward in connecting people

Safe and Secure

We take your privacy and security very seriously, with options to control who can see your posts, pictures and profile, you know your profile is safe from strangers. We will never provide your information to any third parties. With such an open network, we try our absolute best to keep your identity safe and secure using dynamic privacy control.

Full of Features

We offer a wide range of social features, including photo sharing and instant messaging, with new features added all the time. Its extremely talented and hardworking team of developers all come from different backgrounds and vary in age, because of this, Cubik Network is uniquely different. Each and every developer and designer behind Cubik Network have very creative minds, we only give the best to our users!

Free Forever

Cubik Network is completely free. We will never charge you to use anything on the network, or ask for any payment information whatsoever. Because of the nature of how Cubik Network operates, we don't need to charge for any of our services, we offer you the very best for absolutely no charge. No premium memberships or free trials, just one Cubik Network account, and the fun starts straight away.'

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